Hadn’t heard this song.  In the days of NEW MUSIC NEW MUSIC and the accessibility to hear THAT NEW MUSIC, it’s nice to hear a song I had not heard from an artist I love so much.

Maybe I was under a rock, but I guess this track was from the soundtrack for Surfs Up (aka Shia Lebouf does the voz of an animated surfer penguin).  Looks like Incubus, Forro in the Dark, 311, and Pearl Jam are also on the soundtrack (and the movie was nominated for some Oscars). Which KCRW’s Liza Richardson did the music supervision for.  As you can see, I could go on for days so, check out my Sunday Spin from Ms. Lauryn Hill.

‘Had to lose myself, so I could make it better.
Had to lose myself…to love.  That was just the way it is.’

[Thanks Relax]

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