via conrazon: “Most impressive of Jennifer Lopez / Celia Cruz tribute was dancer in red “d*ck in the face” death dive, Beyoncé-pump mid-Salsa & that ABC did dat, right? I left watching that performance like “y’all betta know!” …that’s the win regardless of my least fav parts of the “tribute” #AMAs #HI$PANIC. Tho the centralization of JLO as *so prominent & prolific is troubling. We need a vanguard to move past idolization of the ass & really rep. I say that WITH ALL THE RESPECT…I can’t dance like she do! She will go down I hope with the recognition of her TALENT…fly! #Shero But there’s so much more out there. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE. #WAVE

Need some guava juice after thinking about THAT* one.  Where to start with Pitbull hosting… I SEE YOU ABC! Feel free to leave comments and watch the video I’m referring to below.  Now’s my turn to bow down to “La Reina de Cuba” – CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW.  AZUCAR! Love, a media cubanita mutant in a modern America, XO.


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