There’s 12 kids out of the favelas, whose work are being valued around their world. Kids who usually are look down as black & criminal.

— Zuzuka Poderosa (@ZuzukaPoderosa) July 25, 2014

So sad to miss Zuzuka Poderosa last week in New York City! I was up and away in California while she served as host for the premiere of A Batalha Do Passinho dancers out of Rio de Janeiro at Lincoln Center Out of Doors. Check the coverage in Brasil’s O Globo, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Check out all of Eliseu Cavalcante’s photos from the night by clicking on Zuzuka!

Such a historic moment! Grand salute to Lincoln Center and Brasil Summerfest for daring to present such powerful and relevant culture out of the ghettos from all corners of the globe.


Zuzuka capped off the week serving as host and translator for various events with the dancers with a crazy sold-out performance last Saturday night with Nego Mozambique at Glasslands alongside #BaileFunk pioneers Sany Pitbull and MC Junior!

Zuzuka bringing Carioca Bass with pioneering Baile Funk DJ, Sany Pitbull at Glasslands in Williamsburg. Credit: Pablo Luis

Heard the line was around the block to catch the show and watching this video by Hanna Herbertson (who choreographed Zuzuka’s set!) confirms that my FOMO was very real!

Pick up Zuzuka’s EP, Carioca Bass on iTunes, stay tuned for a video of the night and in the meantime watch some video of the festivities last week:

Even Beyonce can hang: