Earlier this month I ventured into the Redwood forests of Northern California (my first time!)…with some magical + positive people.

On our way up, we stopped by a winery in Napa that was built into a cave.   Then we got to know the lovely town of Arcada (where I fell in love with this bead shop, Heart Bead) + Eureka.   We headed east to the town of Willow Creek (aka home of the Big Foot Museum).  Many roads, twists and turns later…I perched hours a top the wisdom tree (pictured below).

Humboldt’s such an interesting place…what’s going to happen to the region with the impending legalization measure coming up this fall?  Could Humboldt become the new Napa…destination!

“Interestingly, one of the proposed responses to this potential new reality is to turn the area into a playground for pot tourists, an idea that seems to borrow heavily from the model used by Napa Valley and California wine country.”post about the subject.

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