EDIT: Watch here: http://www.bet.com/OnTV/BETShows/mymicsoundsnice
(via Nah Right)

Haven’t seen this fully yet, but watched the above clip.  Really well-shot and glad this is out to a mass audience via BET.

BUT HOLD UP: Jeff Sledge {Jive} at 4:21 “I think there’s still a lazy attitude from the labels, to see what’s going to happen with her {Nikki Minaj}, and if it’s, uh, you know, uh, worth it to, you know, open up the doors a little bit.” – WORTH IT?  Watch this fool.  A woman BIRTHED YOU, of course it’s worth it, of course, unless, you’re caking off it, right?

By the way, Nikki Minaj’s verse on Kanye’s Monster is amazing – ‘okay, first things first, I eat your braaaaains!’ | Theatrics, substance, BALLS…love it.

(foto via the FADER)

Anyway, shout out to Jean Grae, Questlove, Invincible, Psalm One, The Fembassy – glad they were included!

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