Over the last couple of years when dealing in the “entertainment” business, I sometimes get introduced to people as “an activist-type” or some start jokingly mentioning feminism in some way or another. And it’s with this tone…not an endearing one. Not sure how to word it. Don’t do that. I am just a witness, another heart, paying attention with my eyes open, trying to do my best. I also think entertainment should educate, illuminate, and stimulate our personal & collective imagination. Let it have us explore new realms of possibility in ourselves and each other. Let it help make each other aware through expression. Let’s tell stories and hear them. I am in the world of culture. I am a cultural worker, not a cog in their bull$hit. Respect to all the cultural workers and makers! You fakes won’t last, but neither will any of us in the end. What will you do here? What did you love? I choose music. I choose culture. I believe in people. And the stakes are extremely high.

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