It’s music catch up night, since I’m feeling slightly musically out of it after a week in the cultural vacuum that is Miami. #realtalk.

Absorbing the new Kelis album, “Food.” She is my pop star. I remember being a teenager in a record store and picking up Kaleidoscope. That day changed my life. Kelis came at that crucial moment before 2001 when the pop machine churned out some rawness. I’m sure I’ll be playing her new one all Spring while I heal some fresh wounds. “Floyd” is in the running for my favorite tune and the lyric in “Rumble” is my life right now: “Oh I’m so glad you gave me back my keys!#realtalk

kelis-600x450Peep this cute list in Buzzfeed: 13 Real-Talk Love Lessons From Kelis & dope interview by Julianne Escobedo Shepard for Rookie Mag

indexThe new tune-yards is available as a NPR First Listen this week! I love love love this band! I know they are not for everyone and I don’t want them to be. Merrill Garbus has so much soul and I really relate with her lyrics: “I said I’m like the real thing…making them proud like the real thing! Jokes on you, all askew!#realtalk

Now, I’m closing up with the tracks in this DJ Ushka (Dutty Artz/iBomba) Feministing interview – she’s my ill filtHER tonight. From favorites like Ana Tijoux’s “Vengo” and fellow mutante MPeach to new shit and artists I’ve avoided like Kelela – mainly because don’t know where to even begin through all the hype of the NEW NEW NEW and didn’t get off on the right musical foot with her. Though, as a lifelong R&B head, this hit me immediately, so thank you DJ:

What would we do without DJs? WHAT WOULD WE DO? Much respect to the DJs, ALL WAYS! I love what Ushka says about being a DJ, too: “So being a DJ helps turn around this predominant idea of who spins the music, so in a lot of ways I think even just existing as a DJ for me has always been inherently feminist.” I’ve felt similarly while dabbling for fun these last couple months with my DJ Nipslip for ISLA. It’s a frightening but necessary thing. #realtalk

Make sure you click on DJ Ushka to read the full interview and hear great jams:

553412_615989185798_726765720_nFinally, while in Miami, I bumped into up & coming NYC artist BB Bronx at the Latin Billboards (wrap-up post on the trip coming soon!) Met him last year with Los Rakas at an MTV Tr3s upfront. He and his team bring mad positivity and that will go far, #realtalk. His video for “Bronx Whine” is adorable and so New York City. Feeling the young dancers!!!! Feeling the Bronx pride. What do you think?