I wrote about my beloved home of Staten Island and my history rediscovering her potential. Interviewed four other artists and “makers” on the Island too. Check it:

Photographer  Wills Glasspiegel and I went for a trip around the Island one Friday in February to pay a visit to some “Local Globals,” as I like to call them, in my community; folks and friends reaching out to the world through their local hustle. I wanted to know what drives them to cultivate, to create from here, to grow here in the face of “undesirableness” and the dark spots in Staten Island’s history.

RICHMONDHOOD_MIKESHANE_KILLABEES-1024x682Photo: Mr. Tariq from Richmond Hood | Board design by Mike Shane

Big thanks to Richmond Hood‘s Tariq, Cobra Sun Studio‘s Gary, Staten Island Art‘s Gena and Artist Jeff Cinco for their time and insights. Also thank you to Wills for taking the photos/encouraging me and Max Pearl for giving me the space.


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