So…I’m reading this book, the Pirate’s Dilemma.  Seth Godin recommended it, and I decided to scoop it up right away.  It also has an amazing blog that you all should check up on.

The Pirate’s Dilemma tells the story of how youth culture drives innovation and is changing the way the world works. It offers understanding and insight for a time when piracy is just another business model, the remix is our most powerful marketing tool and anyone with a computer is capable of reaching more people than a multi-national corporation.”

Basically, the book is a history lesson on the DIY punk world that has birthed a lot of what we are seeing today, and what will continue to happen as more of us become the pirates we were meant to become.  As Seth Godin put it, ‘today’s pirate is tomorrow’s pioneer.’

Some random things I’ve learned so far:
*The Principality of Sealand off the UK | {…and that Gianni Versace’s assasin had a forged passport from the country on his body}
*Malcom McLaren {RIP} and the history of connecting the innovation he saw in NYC’s punk scene and French anarchist theory
*Vice founder’s Gavin McInnes, Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi humble beginnings in Canada
*The rise of British emcee Dizzee Rascall + Grime culture


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