(Blitz a/ P.E. and Chuck D backstage. Photo by conrazon)

(Blitz in action during his set. Photos by brooklyn vegan)

Memorable day in the park yesterday indeed, despite the rain and squeaky mics, the crowd got loud, fists raised in the air…

….transported through sound (and with the help of the Embassy Ensemble band} from Accra City, Ghana to Nigeria and back to the Bronx all in one 45 minute set (holy run on sentence!)

Personal highlights include meeting Craig G and his 15 year old Pharrell look-alike son, watching P.E. soundcheck {Flava Flav: ‘Yo, you mean you gots to tell me we only have like, 14 minutes to soundcheck, B?’}, Chuck D asking me for the internet password, our dressing room being raided by some unnamed old-school heads, Chuck D rocking ‘By the Time I Get To Arizona’ which led into ‘Fight the Power’…and oh so much more.

Peep this interview Blitz did on WFMU leading up to the show {Chuck D also called in}.

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