…check out this cool project that Bomba Estéreo participated in with FADER magazine where they remixed a Fania Records song of their choosing.  The result is Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe “Pa´Colombia (Bomba Estéreo Rainy Remix f. DJ Fresh)” – get it as a FREE DOWNLOAD and read about the experience for the band here.

Update: There seems to be some issue with the free download and FADER, but you can hear the song here:

Simón Mejía also just released the trailer of amazing project he’s been a part of for the last few years, a film called ‘Jende Ri Palenge.‘   The film was shot 2 years ago when he visited Palenque, a small village on the coast of Colombia whose inhabitants are descendants of escaped slaves from the 1700s, with his film partner Santiago Posada to cover three Palenqueros or musicians as the duo set up a studio, San Basilio Studio, to record and preserve the rich musical legacy:

San Basilio de Palenque is a small village situated 70 km south of the coastal city of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, South America. The name ‘Palenque’ was given to the walled communities that were founded by escaped slaves in the XVIIth century. Of the many ‘palenques’ that existed in former times, only San Basilio has survived until the present day.

In 2008 with the support of the Prince Claus fund in Holland, the first ever music – recording studio of the village (San Basilio Estudio) was set up, in an effort to help preserve their musical heritage. This film was shot during the implementation of the project following three of the singers that passed through the studio’s doors.”

Read more about the film here.


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