Shout out to NPR Alt.Latino‘s Jasmine Garsd for admitting she didn’t really dig Los Rakas at first, haha!  That honesty’s refreshing, and it also displays the unique gift of the group:  their music falls across so many genres (rendering it genreless in my opinion) and therefore its appeal is really broad.  Which makes it even more GLOBALLY accessible (obvio).  I can’t wait till the rest of the world figures it out…but in the meantime, we’ll take the 20 million+ weekly listeners who tune into NPR…

…Get a FREE download of Raka Rich’s mixtape track, ‘Hip Hop’ set to Drake/Alicia Key’s Unthinkable beat HERE.

“It’s a sweetly earnest song, and in a sea of rappers reciting endless lists of brand names, sexual positions and expensive traveling destinations, it’s beautiful to remember what true love for music feels like.” NPR Alt.Latino

The guys also just did an interview w/ MTV Iggy where they announced the name of their upcoming EP, ‘Chancletas y Camiseta Bordada EP’ – set for release in the spring.

Finally, the guys will be on tour w/ Collie Buddz from March 16 (their official showcase at SXSW 2011 will be the kickoff) – April 22 across the USA – dates announced next week.   Stay up to date with the guys on Twitter and their official newsletter.

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