PHEW: heatwave july 2010 tour = complete success.

WATCH THIS VIDEO <click link>:

BOMBA ESTÉREO at THE GETTY on July 24th, 2010 from LalaCinema on Vimeo.

we had some of the best shows EVER on this tour {celebrate brooklyn}, some serious scares, the most amazing fan moments {like Mauricio who never heard of the band before, saw them at Celebrate Brooklyn, and proceeded in following us up and down the east coast…even to north carolina; and is coming to seattle in sept! OR the amazing Fernando from Cafecito Bogota who quenched the band’s appetite for a sancochito in Brooklyn – gracias!}, had the privlidge to play with some really spectacular bands {Jovanotti + his band ROCK; great idea to pair the two bands up in SF!}, some surreal moments {best band in the world? WHOA! <nah…> OR playing Stern Grove Fest’s GORGEOUSNESS!}…

Bomba Estéreo will be at this year’s bumbershoot fest in seattle on sept 6th – see you then…until then…PROXIMA ESTACION: PORTUGAL, LA REUNION ISLAND {off the coast of Madagascar!} and GIJON, Spain. Stay updated HERE.

kumbia gitanos del mundio saying BYE today @ JFK:

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