I was lucky enough to work w/ ZZK in a small way during my last gig and even caught a ZZK night in Buenos Aires in 2008.  I remember Fauna was gracious w the greenery, Chancha via Circuito blew my mind and the music put me into a tropical trance.  Non stop dance party.  And yet, I was by myself (pretty much), connected through movement, visuals, folklore, lazers of light, electronic madness, weird glitches, flutes, fuzz and rhythm.  I was literally transformed, thinking back on it now.

I love what ZZK is about and how grassroots they are {and continue to grow off sheer hustle, it’s inspiring!}: ‘musica futurista, latinoamericano’ as El G mentions.

Personally, if I had to choose one, I’d say Tremor is my favorite.  It’s amazing insomniac music – meaning, it keeps me up even more than I should be when I would much more benefit from sleeping {…cuz sleep is the cousin of death}…and it has a dark reflective, emotional-nature to it that I like, more folkloric:

“It might be easy to pass off Tremor’s sound as “cumbia digital,” but after one listen to his style and influence of native instruments and folklore – you will quickly realize he’s forging his own sub-genre – “digital folklorico.”

Tremor live.

Check out the ZZK TV project on Kickstarter; if you have the means and dig the idea, donate!  Read up about ZZK here.

P. Dryddy just posted this piece from La Blogotheque which I quite enjoyed.  Besides the visuals and amazing stories shared, it reminds me of the major mate #fail I experienced in BA my first trip there {yes, I mixed my sugar in with the herbs…sue me!}  Anyway, take a look:

ZZK Records – A Take Away Show – #108 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

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