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So, a couple weeks back, while Los Rakas was in town for their Webster Hall debut (with reggae group, SOJA), I also had the honor of being part of a show with Puerto Rican avant-garde folk artist, Mima who I have written quite a lot about (in 2010 and here in 2011).

Friends and big fans of her (me included) wanted to see a show happen since she was playing in Chicago – but finding a venue with short notice is tough in NYC.  Luckily the folks at SOB’s hit me up looking to fill up a slot that had been canceled.  Voila! A show is born and got to collaborate with a lot of lovely people to make it happen who just have the passion to share Mima’s music.  I wanted to share it with you all and also can’t wait for Mima to come back soon!

“A vanguard artist and pillar in the Puerto Rican alt-music scene, Mima represents both the struggle and viability of the independent musician in Puerto Rico navigating a new kind of Caribbean landscape. Her unique sound is a poetic synthesis of Caribbean rhythms, North American soul, and southern psychedelia that skillfully weaves the romanticism of traditional folk and Afro-Caribbean sounds with a DIY and post-punk approach.”

photo(1)Backstage at SOB’s with Mima and Mark Underwood (DJ Nature)

My favorite song of the moment:

via Catalina Maria Johnson: ““El Pozo” (The Well) is a concept album, and its songs are woven together in a narrative that has as its starting point “El Pozo O La Tumba” (The Well or the Tomb). In this song, one woman is singing about loving another woman and wondering if the hole she is digging will be a well with sweet water to quench her thirst or the site of her demise.”

photoMima Live at SOB’s – May 17, 2013 (Photo by Luis Vidal)

The next day after the show, Mima headed over to East Village Radio to meet up with Julianne who hosts the very excellent weekly program, Universopolis.  Mima gave a rare live radio interview and played some exclusives.

PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/11P2xS4
ARCHIVE (HIT MAY 18, Mima in 2nd hour or program): http://bit.ly/18aGJPE

MimaJulianneEVRadioJulianne & Mima – May 18, 2013 – East Village Radio

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