Zuzuka Poderosa is a special and powerful woman.  Drawing a blank on how we met exactly, after spending the summer in NYC, we linked and it’s been love at first sight ever since.  We’ve run around the town painting her magenta, conspiring over coffee, saki bombs and choripan.  I wouldn’t call her a ‘Baile Funk‘ artist {still figuring out what exactly to call her music}, she incorporates elements of the sound (with its’ origins in the favela’s of Rio de Janeiro) blended with electronica, hip-hop, her immense personality and a large dose of major ESTILO (style).  Born in Brazil and raised on the coast all the way to the West Indies, Zu eventually settled in Brooklyn, where she’s lived the last 10 years.

Check out Zuzuka rock the entire house at the Remezcla Musica launch this past September.  And watch out for her on tour this fall on the West Coast and Canada…Oh, and in case you’re wondering what Moombahton is, check it out.

Zuzuka Poderosa rocks it on a NYC rooftop.  More fotos here.

This is a recent interview + photo shoot Zuzuka did with Paper-Spaceship Mag. 
– catch a tidbit:

Can you tell me a bit about any other projects you’re working on?
I did a collaboration with DJ Rekha recently Desi/ Baile project. Super hot!! I’m working on an Remix EP with Sonora, DJ Orion, and Pagame. It’s not at all Baile Funk.  That’s what I love about music.  My style can cross over to so many genres.

P-O-D-E-R-O-S-A, indeed.

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