In a nutshell: September found me jetting around the country visiting family, friends and clients across South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Miami, Dominican Republic and Colombia – thanks to Jetblue’s All You Can Fly Pass.

While in Colombia, Bomba Estereo‘s Simon Mejia insisted I tried something called Viche.  I’d heard of the drink this past March in Austin, when UK-transplant-to-Cali, Colombia and amazing music maker, Quantic, also insisted I try it (he also wrote a blog about it w/ photos of various brands of the stuff):

“It is produced from the fermentation of a wild variety of sugar cane and is well known for its aphrodisiac effects alongside other varities like Arrechon, Tomaseca & Tumbacatre (Bed Breaker).”

foto from

What’s up with this stuff?

Well I tried it during my time in Bogota…and it’s AMAZING.  It’s pleasant to the taste, earthy and sweet, not too out of control…healing.  Warm.  I can see why it may be an aphrodisiac to some, but more so for me, it was a bit psychedelic.  I found myself staring at a mural for a few minutes and dancing like I was in a Bollywood film like a loka gitana to the tunes of DJ Karim {that may have happened without the viche…:D}.

…and I’m not the only one.  These guys REALLY love Viche.  Check this out:

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