“Yo Soy Fuego, Yo Soy Calor.”

I am absolutely thrilled to kick off my FUTURE ROOTS series at SOB’s this Sunday.  I touched a bit on my personal history with “Latin alternative” music after the 12th annual LAMC, so it’s only natural to just go out there and make a platform/collaborate with all these exciting sounds in NYC.

Quite fitting to be the night before Columbus Day, cause we’re taking it BACK; a ‘Tropical Takeback of Columbus Day’ – never mind celebrating the death and destruction, we’re going to celebrate the LIFE, the endless mutations of sound and ‘calor’ of el Caribe.  There’s no one better to help us do that then with Barranquilla, Colombia’s PERNETT (who also happens to be MTV Iggy’s ‘Artist of The Week’ this week!):

“Pernett’s dad was one of the founders of el Carnaval de Barranquilla. He grew up around amazing musicians his whole life. His aunt Carmencita Pernett was one of the first artists to take cumbia to mexico. Artists born in this type of conditioning? Femi Kuti comes to mind…”

That was Que Bajo!?’s Geko Jones – read his full, heartfelt post on Dutty ArtzUproot Andy + Geko are set to play, as Pernett recently played host to them on their recent trip to Colombia.

He’s also been collaborating with Quantic in Cali, Colombia – check out a cute but amazing little jam session they posted called “Currura” not too long ago that I play at least once a week.  Can’t all music sound like this?  “Last night I had a dream…”

“He’s someone that we should pay a lot more attention to. He’s so far ahead of the pack that it will probably be another couple years before the world catches up to his sound let alone his performance capabilities.  His ableton live set up lets him trigger and effect tracks, while playing gaita or any number of traditional instruments which he can also effect, while singing and dropping some surreal visuals using his filters on his laptop cam. He’s one of those artists that keeps pushing himself to do more. To be more. And you should too. Be there to see him Oct 9th and feel more.”

Yup.  Come feel more and take back Columbus Day with FUTURE ROOTS. Click on the flyer below (made by Fat Suggar Daddy – oh yeah to Palm Trees in Space!!!) for tickets.

Read this in-depth interview with MTV Iggy to get a better sense of Pernett‘s influence and sound.  He says if he could be a superhero, he’d be the GOOD VIBES hero (in Spanish: La Bacanería)…me too Pernett, me too!

Get a FREE DOWNLOAD from WNYC of Pernett‘s ‘El Mago’ (Translation: The Wizard).

“The result is music that manages to be traditional, electronic and psychedelic all at once, mashing up traditional Afro-Colombian drum sounds with space-echo trumpet licks and the kinds of twinkling ambiences you might hear at a planetarium.”

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