Ranted on Facebook on 4th of You Lie about this PBS Peligrosa documentary [WATCH IT] on their movement and New Weird Latin American culture bubbling everywhere. Perfect day to explore these themes in 2013:

After working at Nacional Records, then taking on conrazón traveling, meeting and working with people from all over the country and Latin America, it always occurred to me that the epicenter of future-rooting raza cosmica Lati-cultura-mashing was going down in Texas. Happy that folks I most respect and look to are from there, too – across mediums, faces and passions!

Take 30 min and see what’s been born when friends, experiences y ritmos crash and have the courage to SHINE: http://video.klru.tv/video/2365032236/ ‎#FutureRoutes ‎#NewPeople ‎#Tejas ‎#worldwild ‎#Peligrosa Big UP to Peligrosa! and thank you KLRU-TV, Austin PBS for telling this story! ♥

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I totally feel Jaime Mayo on the purpose outside the party….and Orión García‘s point re a “Latin” identity in a non-Latin country (even through the irony of the actual history of Texas/Mexico/”Amurrica” makes me think about “CONQUEST” which is a whole nother muthaaaaa)…the whole idea of these movements born of the digital age (in my humble opinion), is to give CONTEXTURE (just thought of the word while watching) = CONTEXT + TEXTURE

…we wanna show everyone our flavor and that bridges misunderstandings and ignorance between people rampant EVERYWHERE which manifests in REAL AND VIOLENT WAYS…so this is just HUMANITY MUSIC!

And that’s what we work for through culture…and if you’re not and just fucking around for the sake of being cool and doing “Art”, then that is not the true purpose or POTENTIAL of the expression…IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

Sidebar: I think a great snapshot of our generation is Orion playing/recording on his iPad him on gaita (a traditional flute from the coast of Colombia) and accordion juxtaposed with another homie on Instagram. #Worldwild

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 2.32.28 PM

Final Thought: “There are no limitations to where our ideas will eventually take us…” – @DJ_Orion

Ain’t THAT what’s so #Peligrosa about it?

Big-up: Orion, El Dusty, Luis Espada, DJ Chorizo Funk, Ian Morales, Chingo Bling, VJ 4th Wall, Manolo Black, Pagame, King Louie, Quito, Sonora and Austin, TX.  Making plans to spend more time in Texas, fo sho!

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