soooo…i came across bastardilla in 2007 while i was at my previous employer, nacional records.  she had done the cover art of the prolific colombian band, aterciopelados’ album “rio.”  it was my favorite album art i’d seen, and while complicated to produce, it came out BEAUTIFUL (PS – the album won a Latin Grammy).

fast forward to 2009.  my boyfriend went to colombia for a project with his art partner on a project called ‘memoria viva.’  in sum, they painted murals in honor of members of the political party UNION PATRIOTICA (UP) who had been massacred.  when they got to bogota (besides recording with dub king mad professor), he ended up meeting + rocking out the streets of bogota w/ bastardilla and members of her crew APC.

i was brought back this:

check out this piece in global post that does a great job of profiling this incredible street artist who is literally doing big things in bogota.  wooster collective follows everything she does, but that’s not why i love her.  her works are big, colorful, symbolic, deep and fresh.

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