Check out the photos on LARemezcla of the ‘Quilombo: Arte en Resistencia’ event which took place this past Saturday @ Sunset Junction’s ‘Mi Alma Gallery’.  Shout out to everyone involved with the event: DJ Ethos, Ops, Boca, Cambio, etc!

While co-producing the show, I came across some people asking, “well what exactly are you ‘resisting’ about?”  While the word ‘resist’ connotes something negative to most, I think it means celebrating + shedding light on alternative ideas.  Hosting events at non-traditional spaces where exchange can truly flourish is part of the ‘celebration’; I came across some recently moved Swedes who just casually happened to walk by and stayed the whole show.  That’s a victory.  Supporting independent artists, jewelry-makers, cooks, selectors, and letting kids know that these spaces and opportunities exist – and can only grow with their participation.  Nurturing true talent to communicate and entertain/educate/perform/share.  I think the key in this ‘resistance’ is staying open to all sorts of people enjoying your art, engaging in your ‘message’ and supporting well-run events like this one.  And most importantly…HAVING FUN.

“Art can be a witness – and, in witnessing, it makes other people see themselves and the world with new eyes.” – Ruth Padel (poet) in The New Statesman

I like what World Hip Hop Market had to say about Boca’s music:
“Bocafloja uses Hip Hop as an educational model and free style poetry as a resource. Lyrics that critically judge social, political, everyday life and even the artist’s own contradictions, without dogmatizing yet with strict firmness. Without limiting art to four elements or pigeonholing the struggle in a pamphlet. Art in resistance.”

“Amor” by the beautifully talented, Timoi.

Bocafloja on the MIC.

Cambio warms up the crowd.

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