“The purpose of the tour is to promote this album, travel to these places, and meet these people, speak with them, learn from them, let them know that, ‘Yeah, we’re a band in New York, but we see you, we’re watching, we see what’s happening,’” Leo Mintek said. “On the new record, we went deep into different types of Latin music, so you’ll hear cumbia, corridos, bachata. We really believe music has no borders.” – Rock On A Mission

OUTERNATIONAL is in Chicago this weekend (SEE FULL SCHEDULE), after headlining The Abbey Pub (3420 West Grace St.) last night and playing a series of tributes (Woody Guthrie with Tom Morello tonight @ Metro) and Anti-Nato Summit protests (World Can’t Wait, Iraq Veterans Against The War, Malcom X Freedom Festival).

The group, on the tail-end leg of their 2-Month ‘Todos Somos Ilegales: We Are Illegals‘ tour, which started in Brownsville, TX on April 4th and has weaved through the Border regions across the Southwest down to Tijuana with Ceci Bastida thru to California and back through Texas to open a series a shows with Calle 13, ends in New York City next week (Tour Finale is May 24th @ Dominion).

“The sound is a brilliant, aggressive, bottom-heavy hybrid that brings to mind bits of rock, rap and rock en español.” The Chicago Tribune

Live In-Studio Radio Interview on WBEZ/Vocalo: http://bit.ly/JoEteB
Profile in the Chicago Sun-Times: http://bit.ly/M4ahWm
Profile in Spanish-language paper Hoy: http://bit.ly/JBBUXp

photo‘Todos Somos Ilegales Tour’ from April 4 – May 18th
(Tour Diary #1 + Tour Diary #2)

Outernational is a singular up-and-coming band with a passionate undeniable live show, deep conceptual path-breaking albums and a message and sound unlike anything else right now.

Their project ‘TODOS SOMOS ILEGALES: WE ARE ALL ILLEGALS‘ is a bi-lingual cinema-in-sound concept album about the border, the USA and the system which criminalizes those who create the wealth it rests upon.  With tightly-woven soundscapes referencing hard rock, hip hop, cumbia, corridos, gypsy punk, spaghetti westerns, chicha, vintage soul and even bachata, Outernational’s ‘TODOS SOMOS ILEGALES: WE ARE ALL ILLEGALS‘ is a singular album for 2012.

Released as a name-your-price download, the record features collaborations with Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Calle 13 (9-Time Latin Grammy Winner in 2011), Ceci Bastida (Tijuana No!) and Uproot Andy (Que Bajo?!)

LISTEN TO THE ALBUM:  http://outernational.bandcamp.com
VIDEO ‘THE BEGINNING IS HERE’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwEm4RYnfDI

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