¡¡¡lots going on, will keep it brief!!!

Los Rakas prepare summer’s ‘Raka Party‘; ‘Enamorado De Ti‘ (off ‘Raka Love‘) new video on Univision!

Zuzuka Poderosa new videoPyar Baile‘. South American tour with DJ Rekha. Carioca Bass Mixtape on RCRDLBL!

Outernational halfway ‘Todos Somos Ilegales: We Are All Illegals‘ – tour diary, make Mexico debut, charging to May 1st in LA.  Great piece in Alternet – a convo about the tour bw @Jawnita and @MilesSolay!

Hello from SoCal leg of ‘Todos Somos Ilegales: We Are All Illegals‘!

#FUTUREROOTS presents ‘A Tribe Called Red‘ + DJ Javier Estrada @ SOB’s on Thurs, May 31! TIX.

Summerstage 2012 has been announced!

There’s SOOOOOO much amazing music being made right now by this generation.  I find it hilarious (read: tragic) that there’s such a disparity at the top level of music distribution/support of more diverse points of views, style of music, diversity in sexual orientation, gender…just the SPACE for that.  Or maybe it’s swelling so that there WILL HAVE TO BE.  Who know… Anyhow, I was having a conversation with a friend and the subject of ‘true music‘ came up.  I like that idea.  When you know it’s good…it’s true…you can feel it.  We’ll see how this goes, but I thought I’d give it a try.  Here I present, #TRUEMUSIC Vol. 1.  Just a lil fun thing I’m doing to share all these sounds!!!!!



mango-picked by conrazón

Sene Brooklyknight (WATCH):
“the hood don’t change, the books all burn…the jungle.”
Click and watch Sene’s “Brooklyknight” (Short)

Ana Tijoux
Sacar la Voz (WATCH VIDEO)
“Tomar de las riendas | No rendirse al opresor | Caminar erguido, sin temor | Respirar y sacar la voz.”
(FYI Ana + Los Rakas LIVE in San Francisco on May 15 – Get Tix)

With Ana in 2010 @ SXSW. #LOVE

Outernational The Beginning Is Here (PAY YOUR OWN PRICE)
“The songs I sing, they can cast a spell | I don’t know no borders and I know them well”

Homeboy Sandman – 72 Bars for Chosenberg (STREAM THEN BUY)
“young, black and accurate”

Dizzy WrightSmoked Out Conversations (BUY)
‘(all these rappers) got a voice for no reason, what’s a song w/o a topic?’ 
PS – You know it’s real when you read a heart-felt review by your mother about your rap music on your iTunes page!

Emeli Sande – Rivers (Pre-Order ‘Our Version of Events‘) – http://youtu.be/K769dq14bJs

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