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“OI // if you’re receiving this, it’s because you’re part of the zuzuka poderosa ‘inna-circle’ of #POWER mo’fos! you get it, you’ve supported us (some in MAJOR ways), you gotta SEE this!

had to share this amazingly in-depth and awesome piece about zuzuka written by alexis stephens (@pm_jawn) //

link to article:
10 track ‘best of’ sampler here:
highlights (really, read the whole thing if you have a moment):
“Since she left for her Power Tour, she’s been bouncing between America’s metropolitan hubs, infecting listeners with a unique brand of globally cross-pollinated party rap, a cocktail of rave styles from the global South that she has come to call Carioca Bass.”

“Her own life story is one of cultural nomadism and constant exposure to difference, newness, change, exchange.”

“Even so, a hushed malaise set in after a while and Baile Funk has slowly been bumped off flyers announcing the best of dancehall/kuduro/cumbia, and more recently moombahton. But Zuzuka cannot and should not ever stop performing Carioca Bass.”

“It’s telling that this genre — globally-constituted in itself — forms the base upon which Miss Poderosa does the complex layering work that makes her music so unique.”

“With her solid base and open mindset, she’s not tied down by affiliation—a common tendency among women emcees.  “A lot of women in the mainstream don’t have control over how they market themselves.” This is not a problem Zuzuka has.”

““When I perform, I feel like it’s really hard for people to just stand around, you know? Because I wanna make sure you’re dancing. Like, let’s do this!” She snapped her fingers commandingly. “Right now.””

also accompanying is an amazing foto shoot featuring zuzuka in local designer wares….


Stylist: Dalila Shannon
Hair and makeup: Valissa Yoe
Photography:  Nathaniel Darst
Director: Oliver Rivard
Executive producer: Max Pearl


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