The Playback Tour with Collie Buddz has Los Rakas riding the wave of consistently bringing sun and good music all over the US.  The response has been overhwelming, with the guys infectiously spreading their sound to new audiences (and sold out shows) from Baltimore to the Carolinas to New Orleans to Boston.  The proof is in the video:

Collie Buddz brings out Los Rakas to perform ‘Esa Mulata’ at 2:40 in:

Interview and performance w/ PulsoBeat in Ft. Lauderdale:

Finally, read this spotlight by Wayne Marshall, professor at MIT & Boston bloggin’ beast, who helped upgrade the guys’ bio 100% (thx Wayne!)  Here’s a snippet (read the spotlight for more):

Los Rakas make music born of migration and tradition, critique and celebration, joy and pain. They make New World music. American music. Panamanian Jamaican Californian music. Music for b-boys and rude boys, dancers and romancers, mainlanders and islanders and isthmus folk alike.


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