Came across this video by the Afro-Latin@ Forum (thanks Bryan Vargas).

If you’re Afro-Latino, surely you’ve encountered this dilemma at some point.  Maybe your parents told you to check off “white” or you never thought to identify with being “African-American.”  I wish the video went into more detail about WHY it’s important for the census and what benefits would arise from it – but it’s an important visual + hope it gets to the community.  This issue is so unique/nuanced depending on where you live, whether uptown in NYC, or in Miami, Chicago, North Carolina or South Los Angeles, as you can read in the article by Ed Morales referenced below.

For more information about the Afro-Latin@ Forum, read this article by Miriam Jiménez Román:

Our focus is on Black Latinos in the U.S. and their relationships with other communities of color. By looking at the new face of this country, we recognize that some “Browns” are browner than other Browns, that some Blacks are also Latinos and that many Latinos are victims of racial—as well as cultural—discrimination.  We are questioning the facile Black versus Brown paradigm and proposing a unifying Black AND Brown paradigm.

She referenced another article by Ed Morales in The Nation, “Brown Like Me?” from 2004.

What do you think?

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