I swerve into you on purpose

February 25, 2010By Nati

I conrazón Jean Grae. Ok, so I first heard Jean Grae’s music when I was working at Fat Beats in NYC arouuuuund 2003 (I believe?)  Instantly captivated.  She was strong.  Said what she wanted.  Didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought (or at least it appeared that way). She referenced the X-Files.  She was my … Read More

I don’t wanna grow up…

February 24, 2010By Nati

Soooo…I’ve been working as publicist, digital media and business development partner for a gem of a bookstore in North East LA, called IMIX BOOKS. While here, I’ve not only been exposed to some amazing books and the indie publishing world, but also some vibrant children’s books.  Who says they are only for children?  I’ve reflected … Read More

Bling – a Planet Rock

February 22, 2010By Nati

Came across this documentary, “Bling – A Planet Rock” – a look at the gross materialism in hip-hop (mainly the proliferation of “bling” in the late 90s) in the context of civil war in Sierra Leone.  It came out in 2007 but I really want to see the full film, which I saw you can … Read More

Sunday Spin: ‘Bobo Meets Rhettmatic’ – The Mixtape

February 21, 2010By Nati

Peeped this mixtape this morning from the homie, Eric Bobo and his project with DJ Rhettmatic from the Beat Junkies crew – Bobo Meets Rhettmatic. Bobo is a current member of Cypress Hill and has played with the Beastie Boys throughout the 90s (remember ‘Bobo on the Corner’ from “Ill Communication?)  He even released his … Read More

I want to be like Bobbito Garcia, too!

February 18, 2010By Nati

Check out this amazing post called ‘I want to be like Bobbito Garcia‘ from my friend, Rolando Brown aka Grow (pictured below). Bobbito has been an inspiration + mentor of mine for over 5 years now.  Constant support, inspiration, encouragement + guidance.  We all need guardian angels, right?  If you don’t know of Bob’s contributions … Read More

Oh, I know when the coconut’s about to fall!

February 16, 2010By Nati

Watch Eve Ensler‘s talk @ TED 2009 ‘Embrace Your Inner Girl.’  We all are emotional creatures! *ADDITION* I watched the movie ‘Power & Passion‘ the other night, and became familiar w/ artist, author, and PhD sexologist who has been one of the principal voices for women’s sexual pleasure and health for over three decades, Betty … Read More

i conrazón janelle monae.

February 15, 2010By Nati

I love Janelle Monae.  I saw her name around last year @ SXSW (missed her performance) and she did NYC’s AfroPunk Fest…but it took me a second to really dig deep.   So…happy to see new songs from her.  ‘Tightrope‘ features Outkast’s Big Boi and I can see ‘Cold War‘  (simple + relevant: “This is a … Read More

Tonight in San Francisco – Blitz the Ambassador

February 15, 2010By Nati

If you’re in SF, don’t miss this show @ Elbo Room. Doors open at 8 PM.  Tickets are $10 for Blitz the Ambassador ft The Park, Martin Luther, DJ Wonway + Dion Decibels! Check out Blitz in the San Francisco Bay Guardian‘s ‘Snap Sounds‘:  “Loving the string-drenched, ecstatically brassy, flamenco-guitar-and-handclap flourishes of production on this … Read More

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

February 15, 2010By Nati

In honor of Vday, check out this new video from Get Busy Committee ‘I Don’t Care About You.’  These guys are Scoop Deville (producer for Snoop Dogg, amongst others), Apathy (of Demigodz) and Ryu (of Styles of Beyond).  You can get their new album, ‘Uzi Does It’ on an Uzi-shaped DRM-free,USB device + other purchase … Read More

DANCE! & be the courageous follower…amongst other things

February 12, 2010By Nati

This really resonated with me (thanks Bob Lefsetz) + not just because being in Los Angeles, sometimes, being the crazy dancer just seems so out of place (been to one too many gallery events playing afrobeat or salsa and NO ONE DANCING!? weird…).  I like the idea of comparing fearless expression with leadership + business.  … Read More