Fiercest Trompetista Ever!

February 12, 2010By Nati

Those that know me know I used to play the trumpet a longggggggggg time ago.  Lately I’ve been picking it up at house jam sessions – but I don’t have anything on Maite Hontele.  Phew! Thanks to Vince + the guys at Generation Bass for this interview with her + they even offer a free … Read More

i conrazón bastardilla

February 11, 2010By Nati

soooo…i came across bastardilla in 2007 while i was at my previous employer, nacional records.  she had done the cover art of the prolific colombian band, aterciopelados’ album “rio.”  it was my favorite album art i’d seen, and while complicated to produce, it came out BEAUTIFUL (PS – the album won a Latin Grammy). fast … Read More

Photo Recap: Art as Witness

February 9, 2010By Nati

Check out the photos on LARemezcla of the ‘Quilombo: Arte en Resistencia’ event which took place this past Saturday @ Sunset Junction’s ‘Mi Alma Gallery’.  Shout out to everyone involved with the event: DJ Ethos, Ops, Boca, Cambio, etc! While co-producing the show, I came across some people asking, “well what exactly are you ‘resisting’ … Read More

it’s me, i’m alive

February 8, 2010By Nati

“After I was 70, I realized that, okay, I would like to have another 50 years, and I probably could. But part of me is saying, maybe I’m not going to have that much time. It was a very strange feeling, so some of the songs are very eternal and some of the songs are … Read More

Local as global

February 6, 2010By Nati

Show amor, for Eagle Rock’s very own cultural space + bookstore, IMIX Bookstore – they need help.  Find the store on Facebook and check out the store’s FUNDRAISER on 2/19/10.

Boom bap boom boom boom bap – This Saturday!

February 4, 2010By Nati

This Saturday, Mexico City’s Bocafloja returns to Los Angeles (Mi Alma Gallery in Silverlake) w/ some local LA talent, Cambio + (the KRS-ONE approved) DJ Ethos.  Also super talented artists Timoi and Jeyd will be painting live.  There will also be vendors selling all sorts of hand-made treats.  All the event info is here. LARemezcla … Read More

lately: i conrazón nneka

February 4, 2010By Nati

she’s nneka and she’s her own, but i can’t help but think manu chao + africa + erykah + lauryn + bob + fela + 2010 + hiphop when i listen to her music.  power.   she’s pure heart. get the mixtape she did w/ j.period for free.  listen to her on kpfa.  watch her on … Read More

For the birds – ‘Youuuuuu bettah watch yo’ self’

February 4, 2010By Nati

The Nuyorican Resovoir Dogs.  The tight shot on the PR honey in the Yankees jersey.  The role call in all-white.  Tony Toca.  Angie!  Dave Meyers directed?  The money!  The flute.  I love this song and I find it funny to watch the video now – it feels oh so 1997. “”Off The Books” is brilliant, … Read More

Does it mean that much to you?

February 1, 2010By Nati

I think it’s important that NYT’s Nick Kristof is shedding light on Congo’s forgotten war and the atrocities that continue to plague the country.  Check out this Op-Ed piece from over the weekend, ‘Orphaned, Raped and Ignored’.  When will this become a ‘sexy’ enough issue for the world to address? 5.4 million people…disappeared from this … Read More