SXSW 2010: stream of conscious austin recap

March 27, 2010By Nati

Here goes my stream of conciousness recap of SXSW: Tuesday: Drive to Austin with new friends. Heard so much ‘new’ music I felt out of the loop. Philosophized on the craving to be hip + hear the new shit all the time. Really liked Ra Ra Riots though. Get to Super 8. Did not sleep … Read More

A veces quisiera tener alas como pájaro

March 23, 2010By Nati

I’ve been a fan of Ana (Anita) Tijoux‘s since I heard La Rosa de Los Vientos at a very crucial developmental point + personally, I think she’s got the best verse in Spanish, period (read ’em here). Tengo sangre indigena, mejor, por que es hermosa || ‘I come from indigenous blood, what’s more, it’s beautiful’ … Read More

Sunday Spin – Holly Miranda

March 14, 2010By Nati

Detroit raised, Pentecostal-run away, Brooklyn-made, Holly Miranda.  Covering Lauryn Hill, “Ex-Factor” – you better be GOOD to cover that song.  So pretty.  She has a hell of a story too.  I’m a sucker for female vocalists with rich voices like Sia, Esthero, Sarah White, etc. “Every time she sings, you’re convinced,” Mr. Sitek (of TV … Read More

From Soft Issue to Security Issue

March 13, 2010By Nati

“I have to confess that when we started our Food Security Initiative, I did not know that most food was grown by women. I remember once driving through Africa with a group of distinguished experts. And I saw women working in the fields and I saw women working in the markets and I saw women … Read More

U-N-I-T-Y: Chequear las dos!

March 8, 2010By Nati

Came across this video by the Afro-Latin@ Forum (thanks Bryan Vargas). If you’re Afro-Latino, surely you’ve encountered this dilemma at some point.  Maybe your parents told you to check off “white” or you never thought to identify with being “African-American.”  I wish the video went into more detail about WHY it’s important for the census … Read More

I conrazón the new Si*Se song “This Love”

March 5, 2010By Nati

Heard the track “This Love” (video below) from Si*Se’s upcoming EP ‘Gold‘ – full length to come in the fall, but the EP comes out on March 9th.  This song caught me –  funky bass, trembling tamborine, warm vintagey beat and Carol C’s sexy falsetto (sort of Minnie Ripperton-ish).  Def has a throw-back sound – … Read More

Women are heroes

March 2, 2010By Nati

Pervasive artist JR‘s latest masterpiece.  Learn more at Women Are Heroes. “This is what JR is working on. Raising questions…” Click to watch video below: JR / Exposition Paris 2009 – Ile Saint Louis by JR

roots + now: en esta tierra yo crecí

March 2, 2010By Nati

The guys from Generation Bass have put out their SoundAmerica compilation – Wow, I can’t believe they are up to Vol. 10!  If you don’t know about them, get to know.  This month’s theme: “Soundamerica volume 10 is an essential Soundamerican Roots compilation: big names and songs that have surpassed the barriers of time, place … Read More

Sunday Spin: “Lose Myself” Lauryn Hill

February 28, 2010By Nati

Hadn’t heard this song.  In the days of NEW MUSIC NEW MUSIC and the accessibility to hear THAT NEW MUSIC, it’s nice to hear a song I had not heard from an artist I love so much. Maybe I was under a rock, but I guess this track was from the soundtrack for Surfs Up … Read More